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About Us

Hi Mama / Papa,

We are the Göbel Family and thanks for dropping by Kinder Sensation. Kinder Sensation is a place we share ideas and tips about young children.

We cover topics such as

  • Montessori, Reggio and respectful parenting
  • educational and learning toys
  • open-ended and independent play
  • meaningful gifts
  • books, books, books
  • raising a multilingual and multicultural child

If you are interested in these topics, and you want to implement them at home, you have come to the right place. Our son is 3 years old and you will find us adding more content as he grows.

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Who are we?

Rachel and lias

We are a mixed German and Malaysian family. In this house, we speak 3 languages (German, Cantonese and English), and our daily chaos is just like our conversations. 

While navigating parenthood for the first time, we found that we rely a lot on the internet. We receive information and advice not only from our near and distant family and friends but also from like-minded parents from around the world. 

After finally getting our son to sleep (oh boy is he a night owl), and with us sitting on the couch catching our well-deserved breath, the idea hit us. Here we are, a modern multicultural family who wants to provide the best for their son and has no idea where to start. Why don’t we start a site to share our knowledge and build our community? This is how Kinder Sensation was born.

This is how Kinder Sensation was born.

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