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Spielen ist die arbeit des kindes

Play is the work of the child.”

– Maria Montessori

Kindersensation - sinnvolle spielzeuge, geschenke, montessori erziehung

Welcome to KinderSensation!

Discover the right toys for your child, find meaningful presents for young children and get inspired by Montessori in raising a child at home.

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Montessori spielzeuge

Montessori inspired toys

Montessori inspired toys focus on being practical. It is useful for learning and refining a specific skill.

These toys and materials act as a key to aid their understanding of the real world.

It often comes with built-in control of error that helps the child to play and learn independently.

Open-ended spielzeuge

Open-ended toys

“Open-ended” toys can be played in a variety of ways. They are not tied to any particular form of play and do not have specific outcomes.

They are great for encouraging free play, creativity, imagination and independence.

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