Best Presents for 2 Years Old for every budget UK

There are a number of things to consider when looking for presents for 2 years old in the UK. Whether you are looking for gifts for your own children or others, you are in the right place here. We help you to find the perfect gift fitting both the child and your budget.

Toys can be good and meaningful gifts if they are educational and help the child to build on their skills. Other than toys, there are also practical gifts that are useful for a 2 year old. Books are also well-received as gifts at this age.

best presents for 2 years old

Here are the few points to think about when we decide on which present to buy for a 2 years old:

  • What can be useful and helpful for their development?
  • If we are buying toys, are they educational and aid in learning?
  • Is the gift age-appropriate?
  • What makes a 2 year old happy? What keeps them engaged?
  • What is the gift for? Is it a 2 year old birthday present? Are they Christmas gifts for 2 years old?
  • Who is the gift for? Is it a gift for a 2 year old boy or girl?
  • How much is our budget?

Top 5 best presents for 2 years old

At a quick glance, this is our top 5 presents for 2 years old:

  1. Magnetic Tiles
  2. Balance Bike
  3. Wooden Puzzles
  4. Children Books
  5. Grimm’s Rainbow

Best presents for 2 years old for every budget

from 50 EUR

Puky LR M Balance Bike
  • toddlers simply love the balance bike
  • A big and meaningful gift
  • practice balance and whole-body coordination
  • scaffolding skills towards real biking

Playmags Magnetic Tiles
  • a present that garners attention
  • gain ability to build 2 and 3-dimensional shapes
  • develops shapre recognition and problem-solving skills
  • a gift that will last through many years of playing

Grimm's Rainbow
  • one of the best open-ended toys
  • can be played in myriad of creative ways
  • simply beautiful as a gift

Brio Classic Deluxe Train Set
  • a real classic present
  • encourages creative, imagination and narrative thinking
  • develops gross and fine motor skills
  • promotes problem-solving

from 30 to 50 EUR

Grimms 12 Friends
  • learn colour sorting and diversity
  • pfoster imaginative play role-play along with other open-ended toy
  • perfekt as a gift for its long lasting usage

from 10 to 30 EUR

Haba Rainbow Pegging Toy
  • entertaining toy for learning skills
  • a simple yet educational and practical present
  • develop colour recognition and motor skills
  • promotes creative thinking

Schleich Wild Life Starter Set
  • a useful and quality gift
  • relistics figures
  • vocabulary building
  • for role playing or creative play

Lego Duplo Town Farm Set
  • Lego Duplo is loved by all
  • this set will fit into any collection
  • a perfect present for Lego fans

Wooden Geoboard
  • an educational gift that is a lot of fun
  • learn geometrics
  • develops pre-writing skills

Beleduc Magnetic Board
  • a present for home and travel
  • learn cause and effect
  • promotes hand-eye coordination and creativity
  • develops pre-writing skills

below 10 EUR

Giraffe Can't Dance
  • a book present that will definitely be well loved
  • one of the best-selling books for toddlers
  • teaches diversity, tolerance and respect
  • fits perfect for a small Christmas present

Wooden Puzzles
  • perfect for toddlers to start on puzzles
  • improve the fine motors
  • develops the brain
  • an affordable present that is lots of fun

2 year old birthday present

Whenever we buy birthday gifts, we think about something more special and possibly more expensive as it is a special once in a year event. Even for a 2 years old, a birthday present is something worth investing in. We normally keep big items purchases for our toddler’s birthday and rightly so.

Here are a few presents you can give to a 2 year old, which will be well appreciated and used for many years to come.

from 100 EUR
Wobbel Board Pro Original
  • a fun gift for both kids and adults
  • promotes balancing and movement development
  • a center piece in any house
  • also can be use for various open-ended and role playing games

Magnatiles Magnetic Tiles
  • these colourful tiles will delight any birthday boy or girl
  • Magnatiles is popular and well known for its quality
  • encourage shape recognition and problem solving
  • a gift that will last through many years of playing

from 50 to 100 EUR
Puky LR M Balance Bike
  • this will be a great birthday gift as a toddler loves their balance bike
  • fits for the occasion as a big present
  • balance practice and whole-body coordination
  • a stepping stone to real cycling

Grimm's Rainbow
  • an eye-catching present that deserves the investment
  • used in open-ended play with various creative ways
  • you will find it constantly in use by the birthday child

below 50 EUR
Grimms 7 Friends in 7 Bowls
  • learn colour sorting and diversity
  • can be used for imaginative play
  • a nice present to add to their collection of role playing toys

Christmas presents for 2 years old

There is a big range to what constitutes a Christmas present for a 2 year old. If it is your own child or your close family member, you may want to look at a bigger gift. Sometimes you may also need only a small gift for maybe the Christmas stocking.

Taking a few top ones from our the best toys for 2 years old, the following are what we find to be perfect presents for Christmas in every budget.

Practical gifts for 2 years old

Sometimes we want to give some practical gifts instead of toys or books. We want our presents to be useful and not just add to a growing collection of things.

Getting practical gifts for 2 years old is a good idea because it is this age when they reach the peak of their need for independence and to be a contributing member of the family. There are children tools that you can give as presents for honing their practical life skills.

from 20 - 30 EUR
Melissa & Dough Cleaning Set
  • a truly practical gift
  • one of the most popular cleaning sets for toddlers
  • perfect size for small children
  • for practical life skills

  • every toddler needs a wheelbarrow
  • a practical gift for home garden use
  • a 2 year old loves to transport things around
  • practical life skills at the outdoor

below 20 EUR
Cleaning Caddy Set
  • a 2 year old likes to help out at home
  • comes with practical child-sized cleaning tools
  • another practical gift for fostering independence

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