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Best Grimm’s Toys UK for 0 to 6 years old

    When I first found Grimm’s toys, its raw natural look and some of its most beautifully coloured wood attracted me. The evidence is apparent a lot of attention was taken to keep their wooden toys naturally functional.

    With Grimm’s wooden toys, you will find toys built for a specific way to play, but mostly they are on the open-ended play spectrum. Even the specific toys can be played in other ways when taken apart. So you know you are investing in a toy that will be played for years to come, as it grows with your child ability and imagination.

    Here are the best Grimm’s toys in the UK that you can get for babies, toddlers and young children! 

    Grimm's rainbow
    Grimm’s Rainbow. Photo from  Max Di Capua on Unsplash

    Grimm’s Large Rainbow

    Grimm’s Large Rainbow with 12 pieces is one of its most popular products. Besides being such an eye-catcher, it is a versatile toy.

    The babies will first just throw it around and get fascinated by its rocking motion or how it topples. Then, the toddlers will start to stack, build and sort them by colours. My son also loves to sit on the big rainbow and ride on it! Older kids will start to use it in a variety of imaginative ways. It can be a doll’s rocking bed, a fence, a tunnel or bridge, a house or structures and so on.

    Just sit back and let your child explore the Grimm’s Large Rainbow in his own time, and he will well entertain you. Though, of course, many parents also find themselves exercising their creative side by playing with it, challenging themselves to various structures and building Kugelbahn for their kids.

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    Grimm’s Large Rainbow, 12 pieces

    Grimm’s Large Rainbow Ideas

    1. Stack
    2. Sort by size
    3. Sort by colour
    4. Balancing
    5. Build – horizontal, vertical or let your imagination take you
    6. Explore symmetry
    7. Rocking horse, boat, see-saw for your dolls and figurines
    8. Tunnels for cars
    9. Build houses for smalls dolls or Grimm’s Rainbow Friends, enclaves for your animal figurines, garages for your toy vehicles. 
    10. Make creative art structure, whether flat on the floor or stacked up
    11. Create a ball run.

    Grimm’s bowls

    These simple yet very functional Grimm’s nested bowls are educational for children of many ages who can use them in many fun ways. 

    Nested toys are a simple introduction to early maths. Babies learn to discern the size and that some objects fit into one but not the other. Later, toddlers learn to sort the objects in order from small to big. Learning order will pave the way to learn numbers in the future, as the numbers also go in an unchanging order, just like sizes!

    These stack and nested bowls can also be used for sorting, stacking and building. For imaginative or role-playing, it can be used for cooking, as a bowl or a pot. Children can also use it to gather things and so on. Your child will find ways to play with them!

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    Grimm’s Stacking Bowls

    Grimm’s Rainbow Friends

    Alongside the Grimm’s Rainbow and the Grimm’s nested bowls, these Grimm’s Rainbow Friends are iconic. This simple and classic shape of peg people is easy for small hands. Their expressionless faces open the possibilities to anything it can be or feel. 

    Young toddlers will love to use it in various ways like placing, positioning and posting. Older children will use these figures in their role-playing, small world play and games. Even babies will love to grasp, drop and mouth them, so it is a toy for all ages!

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    Grimm’s Rainbow Friends, 12 Peg Dolls

    Grimm’s Cars

    Many young children love their vehicles, and this will last for many years.  The development schema explained that children are interested in trajectory, transportation, rotation, enveloping, and positioning at this age range. Vehicles can fulfil so many of these fascinations. 

    Grimm’s cars are a perfect addition to any Grimms set. The Grimms Rainbow friends or peg people can also ride in it. They are hardy and hold to rough play by the toddlers while they glide smoothly to everyone’s satisfaction!

    Large and Small Convertible Cars

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    Grimm’s Rainbow Friends, 12 Peg Dolls

    Grimm’s Bus

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    Grimm’s Rainbow Friend Bus

    Grimm’s Geometric Building Blocks

    We all know any block play is suitable for young children, which is no exception for Grimm’s Geometric Blocks. Block play is versatile and can be explored and play by children of various ages. 

    Grimm’s wooden building blocks come in their signature rainbow colours and also in natural finish. Both are appealing in their way. The rainbow colours wooden blocks can be used to match the other rainbow edition of Grimms items you may have. A natural one will keep distraction at bay, bringing the pure simplicity of building blocks forwards.

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    Grimm’s Geometric Building Blocks

    Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid

    The Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid is one investment that many parents gladly take for its extended life usage. 

    As a toy, the very young will start playing with it and even try to stack them. Toddlers also love to knock down any towers that adults build for them. From 2 onwards, children can use these blocks to learn colours and sorting. The different length also helps them to learn to differentiate sizes. 

    This LSP comes into its full usage for older kids, where they can use it to learn counting till 100 through tactile visualization. 

    Therefore, this Grimm’s LSP is genuinely a fun, beautiful, useful and pedagogically useful toy.

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    Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid

    Grimm’s Stacker

    The Grimm’s stacker is one of the must-have toys for children under one. This is the age they pick and put things down, positioning and repositioning as they go. Then, they start to coordinate their gross motor movements, such as using the whole arm, with their fine motor movements, such as isolating fingers.

    It may require a lot of skill to stack a ring on a post successfully, and it may be another a year before the rings go in order. Choosing a flat base makes it stable and easier to stack, but a wobbly one is safer. These discs can also be played without the post at all, by simply putting one on top of another.

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    Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid

    Grimm’s Wooden Toys – additions you may want to consider

    Grimm’s Semi Circles

    The Grimm’s Semi Circles is a wonderful addition to the Grimm’s Rainbow and other building elements. With the Halbkreis, children can create houses, structures and modern architecture.

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    Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid

    Grimm’s Building Boards

    Also, another perfect addition to the Grimm’s rainbow and other rainbow building toys, the Grimm’s Building Boards will extend open-ended and free play possibilities!

    Grimm’s Toys by age

    One of the best things about Grimm’s wooden toys is their versatility. They can be enjoyed by kids of various ages in their way, based on skills and abilities. 

    Here are some recommendations on when to introduce which Grimm’s toys by age. They are not fixed, as Grimm’s toys fit a whole age range. Just remember that younger kids may not be able to manipulate more complicated or larger piece

    Best Grimm’s Baby Toys for 6 to 12 months old

    Grimm’s Nested Bowls

    Grimm’s Stacker / Stacking Tower

    Grimm’s Rainbow Friends

    Grimm’s Bus

    Best Grimm’s Toys for 1 to 3 years old

    Grimm’s Large Rainbow

    Grimm’s Building Blocks

    Grimm’s Bus

    Grimm’s Rainbow Friends

    Best Grimm’s Toys for 3 to 6 years old

    Grimm’s Large Stepped Pyramid

    Grimm’s Large Rainbow

    Grimms Semi-circles

    Grimms Building Boards

    Why invest in Grimm’s toys?

    Grimm’s has a good reputation for its quality. The toys are well designed and hand-made from high-quality wood. I also like that it is still a small business and they did most of their own production. 

    Grimm’s toys are multifunctional and have an open-ended play quality, with endless possibilities of play.

    The cost for each Grimm’s toy will also go down, as it grows along with your kid with its various play. They also have high resell value, if you ever think to resell, which I doubt!

    Is Grimm’s Montessori?

    Although Grimm’s toys are not a Montessori brand, they have the aesthetic and quality to be used as Montessori toys at home. The usage of natural materials, simplicity, and problem-solving or logic toys are some reasons why they can be Montessori toys. 

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