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Best Baby Toys from 6 Months Old – UK

Are you thinking about what to get for your newly turned 6 months old baby in the UK? I was also getting excited as my son turns 6 months and started looking for the best toys for him.

When my son turned 6 months old, he started to have a little more mobility. He is also trying hard to further this newfound skill of his. 

There are many more baby toy choices for 6 months above compared to at birth. At this young age, we look for a toy that either helps comfort the baby or attracts the baby to explore more.  

Top 3 best baby toys for 6 months old – UK

At a glance, our top 3 best toys for babies from 6 months old are:

Infantino Texture Sensory Balls
  • great for babies starting to grasp
  • once mobile, fun to chase after
  • great for sensory play and learning

Haba discovery blocks
  • practice picking, placing or throwing
  • the baby can never resist knocking a tower down
  • sensory features to tickle the eyes, ear and touch

Fischer Price stack and roll cups
  • fun to practice crawling towards the tower
  • the baby can never resist knocking a tower down
  • cups made into balls for creative play

Developmental toys for 6 months old – UK

When my son finally hit the 6 months milestones, he was ready for more interactions with the world. Hence, I started to prepare his environment to let him explore safely and with fun.

At this point, it is good to have natural and simple toys for our baby to explore his/her surroundings. Pedagogics recommend baby toys that encourage them to move around or to feel through tactile sensations. 

Nothing is more interesting for a 6 months old baby than discovering that they can affect their surroundings. Simple activities like reaching for a balloon or kicking silk clothes with their little feet can amuse them for hours. 

At the same time, they are starting to learn to control their body. That is why baby toys that encourage motor movement are useful at this age. 

Besides learning most of his fine motor skills via self-feeding, my son also needed some activity toys to practice his developing gross motor skills.      

Sensory Balls

Sensory balls are great for babies starting from the time that they can grasp. When they began to be more mobile, these balls will provide extra fun as they chase after them eagerly. 

My son not only takes them into his mouth for sensory exploration, but he also tries hard to reach them whenever they rolled away from him. This doubles as a motivation for him to move. 

Wooden Car Track / Click Clack Track

Discovery blocks

Any blocks at this stage will be fun for the child. They use it to practice picking, throwing, or knocking a tower down. A child can never resist knocking a tower down; it amuses me to see how every baby is the same in this case! 

Blocks that come with extra sensorial features are a bonus, like the Haba Discovery Blocks.

Haba Discovery Blocks

Pikler Triangle

A Pikler triangle is a play material created by Dr Emmi Pikler. This is one pedagogic specific material that has gone mainstream because of its usefulness.

At this young age, the baby will only start by using it to pull him/herself up. The more they get familiar with it, the more they will use it safely when they get older. 

The concept of Pikler triangle is that the child will use it following their ability and creativity. Therefore, there will be no safety issues, just sit back and enjoy!

You may think that 6 months is a little young to be introduced to the Pikler triangle, but trust me. This toy can be used from as young as 6 months until 5 years old! The younger you start, the more usage you get out of this investment.

Pikler Triangle

-> Check out Pikler Triangle UK – All you need to know about this climbing frame

Soft stacking toy

My son’s favourite toy between 6 and 12 months was this soft stacking toy that was a gift from his grandaunt. He initially used to rip it apart, bites on it, or generally carry a part of it everywhere. 

At some point, they may start to put it back together. 

Wooden baby toys – UK

It is recommended to get wooden baby toys to start with. Babies love their heuristic natural material. The feel and weight of a wooden toy also change accordingly to its size. This helps the little one to experience the shift and absorb the varying shape and size as they explore.

If it is coloured, make sure they are also nontoxic as a baby are mouthing everything at this stage. Finding wooden toys in the UK may not be easy, but I have managed to curate some good ones for my son. 

Wooden ball hammering toys

Babies at this time only use the toy by pushing the balls through the hole with their palms.  At some point, they will learn to put the balls into the hole themselves. 

The hammer can be added later when they have more hand-eye coordination, around 12 months old. 

Plantoys Hammer Ball Toy

Pegbox / Pop up toy

We had another wooden toy which is a peg with a hammer, but my son only ever pulls out every peg. Then later he learns with some concentration to put them back on, nearer to 12 months old. 

So I got him this popular pop up toy from Galt. In the beginning, he practices putting the peg back, and then he discovers the popping fun of it. Later, he can use it to also do colour sorting. 

A pegbox builds the baby’s skills to do more kind of pegging and stacking in the future.

Galt Pop Up Toy

Wooden rolling wheel

As the baby started to crawl, a toy that helps to encourage this movement is not only useful but fun. A wooden rolling wheel is an excellent example of that. 

You will find baby trying to grab or push the wheel, and squeals in delight when it kept rolling away from them. They will crawl after it excitedly all over the house!

Montessori baby toys – UK

I discovered Montessori when my son was around 8 months, and it has completely renewed how I look at “play”. Playing is an essential part of a baby’s life, and everything they do is play. 

Montessori inspired toys focus on one skill or function at a time, to aid in baby’s development. This focused “toy” allows the baby to concentrate and also self-correct when they learn. These baby toys will also foster independent play.

Read more at our Best Montessori Toys for 6 Months Old UK

Object permanence box

This is one of the most popular Montessori baby toys. Everyone wants to have one for their baby. It teaches a fundamental concept – object permanence. While it also helps to refine hand-eye coordination when the baby picks up and drops the ball into the hole repeatedly. 

Object permanence concept is entirely new to the baby. It is a concept that when something is out of sight, it does not mean that it is gone. The baby squeals in delight whenever the ball appears again.

An object permanence box may be an expensive investment as it goes for most Montessori materials in the UK. I got this idea from another Montessori mother to get the one with the drawer and remove the drawer for younger babies. It works just as well, and later on, a 1 year old can use it for practising opening and closing drawers. Win-win!

Montessori Object Permanence Box

Egg in the cup

This will be your baby’s very first stacking toy! They will discover how to put the egg onto the cup, marvelling at this phenomena. The egg also fits perfectly in a baby’s newfound grasp.

Of course, it starts by the baby toppling it over, mouthing the egg or the cup. But at some point, the baby will know how to balance the egg onto the cup and then keep repeating it.

Single shape puzzles 

For small children, these single shape puzzles are best for a start. You can introduce to the baby one shape at a time.

I started by introducing the one big circle puzzle to my son, and it took a while before he got the idea of putting it back in place. After that, I progress to introduce the square puzzle and then finally, the triangle. 

Single Geometric Puzzles

Best toys for 7 months old

Stacking cups

The stacking cups are one of the toys that attracted my son once he belly crawled and jumped like a frog. Yes, he hopped like a frog before he could even crawl properly! 

I will stack up the cups, and he will inch or jump towards it each time to knock them down. Then he will sit up and grab one cup in each hand and knock them together to make sounds. 

These cups from Fischer Price are extra fun too as you can also stack two cups together to make a ball! My son loves to find things that he can insert into the balls himself at just 7 months!

Fischer Price Stack and Roll Cups

Teething toy – Sophie la Giraffe

When I first discovered this cartoony little giraffe at my nephew’s, I was sceptical. It turns out to be a hit for any baby that is teething. 

My son is not that much into teether; he prefers screaming for attention. But for this one, he fiddles with it a lot more, and the funny sound it made when he accidentally squeezed it amused him too. It is one of the best toys in a baby checklist.

The giraffe’s design is also notable. Younger babies start by chewing on the ears, then they move on to the jaw and later the legs.

Best toys for 8 months old

Haba Discovery Balls

Following the rolling toys phenomena here, these discovery balls is a nice addition to our baby’s newfound moving ability. These balls are fun to explore for their various texture, colour and sounds. 

The baby will use it to explore all their senses – touch, see and hear. Their fine motor skills will be challenged when they pick it up and examine it texturally. Gross motor skills-wise, they will throw these balls around happily and then chase after them!

Haba Discovery Balls

Grimms Mini-Rainbows

Grimms Rainbow is one of their most popular toy to date. This is because it is such a wonderful open-ended toy that kids of all ages can enjoy. 

For our young baby, a mini version of this rainbow is a good start. They will pick it up, throw it or rock it. 

Not to mention, they are so lovely to add to the play area, and babies appreciate beautiful things too!

Grimm’s Rainbow

Best toys for 9 months old

From 9 to 12 months, babies started to explore the wonderful world! You will find them constantly on the move, but sometimes when they can sit still, they are most likely practising a new-found skill of theirs. They enjoy all kinds of movement and sensory experiences. 


All the kids I know love their home swing. They find the movement relaxing. Learning to swing is a vital movement development.

The best swing you can find is the Twipsolino. It is well-rated for its safety, which should be the most important criteria. It also grows along with your kid, fitting a baby from 6 months old to an older 5 years old kid.

Twipsolino Swing

Sandpit Paddling Pool 

For your baby, playing with sand is one of the most fun things next to water! 

Around this age, my son is mainly running his hands through the sand. He also tries to master using a shovel or a rake. He also loves knocking down the sand sculptures that we build.

In the water, the baby loves to play with water just as it is. A few simple bath toys and bubbles will delight them to no end.


Lena sandpit toys

Best toys for 10 months old

Ball tracker / Marble run

A ball tracker is one of the best gifts you can think of to give someone. My son got it for his first birthday from his grandparents. 

For younger ones, you may look at getting a smaller version of the ball tracker, but my son has already been playing with his cousin’s tracker at around 10 months. He uses it to pull himself up to the knee or even uses it to balance himself, while he tries to put the ball onto the track. Lots of body coordination there!

Besides, it is lots of fun for babies to watch too when older kids or the parent roll the various items down. This also helps in their eye coordination and concentration.

Giant Marble Run

Best toys for 12 months old

As the baby approaches 12 months old, they will wave goodbye to their babyhood soon. Check out our best toys for 1 year old in the UK

As they inch towards this age, these are the first few toys that we have already introduced to our son.

Push car / Walker wagon

My son is a late walker (only started walking independently at 14 months), but he had been using the push car to pull himself up and push a little from one end of the room to the other. He still couldn’t navigate it yet at this time, but he enjoyed pulling himself up and climbing on it.

For some babies, they may already be starting to cruise around the house on walls or sofas. This toy can help them to connect from one point to another. Later, when they are older, the child uses it to transfer things around the house and even use to push a doll around.

Haba walker wagon

Wooden rocking horse

This classic toy is well-loved for a reason. This toy is not only fun for the child, but it also encourages them to learn their body movement. 

At this point, they may still need your help to get onto the horse, and you may need to rock them too. You will see them delighting themselves once they know that they can rock it!

Find one that allows the child to climb in and out independently. This will help to build their confidence and independence. 

This toy will see constant usage from 1 year and beyond!

Hape Rocking Horse

English baby books

Goodnight Moon

This book definitely deserves its status as a classic book for babies. When I first got it from the library, I was a bit thrown off by the stark colours and the repetition. But this turns out to delight my son very much.  

Babies like to look at contrasts and especially black and white. The repetition helps the babies to stay interested. I can’t tell you how many times my son have me read it! We even bought one for our own after that. 

Goodnight Moon

Mama Mama

A really lovely book that features a pair of animal at each section – the mother and the baby. My son already chirped in “mama mama” at each page turn at this tender young age, much to my delight. 

I like that the pictures are very realistic, aligning to Montessori principles which I use as a guideline. I also like that they only feature one pair of animal at a time, which is easier for our baby to appreciate and concentrate. 

At the same time, they can learn the names of the animals. The rhyming also helps for smooth reading and babies love rhythms.

Papa Papa 

This is the next book featuring the Papa and their babies instead. Also, a lovely book to be had if your baby enjoys the first one. 

That is why I bought this flip book that has both of them in one! My son also enjoys flipping the book just for giggles.

Mama Mama / Papa Papa Flip Book

6 months old baby development

As our 6 months old baby grows into a 1 year old toddler, these 6 months mark many important milestones. We should keep them in mind while choosing the best toys for our babies.

  • Sit up without assistance
  • Crawls
  • Pulls self up to stand
  • Walks holding on to furniture
  • Uses pincer grasp
  • Bangs two cubes together
  • Put objects into the container and then take it out
  • Let objects go voluntarily
  • Responds to no
  • Responds to simple requests
  • Explores object in many ways (shaking, banging, throwing, dropping)

If your baby is not 6 months old yet, or you are expecting, do check out this baby registry checklist.

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